For CEDIL'18 the organizing committee proposes the use of a simple and very practical guide through Guidebook.

The guide allows you to:
- Find, with maps in support, the different places of the conference (rooms and addresses of the events)
- The description of the events of the conference (and all that goes with: schedules, addresses, speakers)
- Summaries of conferences and communications
- The complete program of the conference (you can consult and choose the activities and communications you want to participate in and create a personal agenda, a system of timely reminder is provided for each chosen activity).
- Take notes directly / list immediate "to-do"
- Exchange as a forum during the whole conference with other participants
- Post your best photos of the conference (pay attention to image rights and privacy)
- Receive notifications of last minute informations from the organizing committee
- Have contacts from colloquium resource persons (cloakroom manager, for example)
- Find practical information: transport, accommodation, meals, places to visit
- Give opinions on events
- Connect your facebook and twitter account and publish directly from Guidebook
- And many other possibilities
The updates are automatic, so you risk not missing anything as information.
To download Guidebook, click here. You can send the link via SMS by entering your phone number.
The app is available on App Store and on Google Play.
Once Guidebook downloaded, open it and to get the guide CEDIL 2018, scan this QR code here, then press "Download" (and it's all good!).
You must enter an email and create a password to identify yourself (necessary to customize the use of the guide).
- IMPORTANT: the guide is also accessible (without the need to download the application) directly by web browsing here

Enjoy CEDIL 2018
Enjoy CEDIL'18

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